Hog Roast Catering

Hog Roast Catering

Is Hog Roast On The Menu For Your Event?

Many outdoor events in the UK now feature hog roasts as part of the menu. Becoming more popular in recent years, hog roast outdoor catering is a common feature during celebrations such as weddings and parties.

Hog roasts are cooked on spits and the meat is cooked with heat from a propane gas cooker. It is a delicacy also enjoyed in many other countries such as Spain, Puerto Rico, the United States, and many parts of Asia.

The hogs used for this occasion are fed until they reach about 130 pounds (that’s huge)  Around the world, the hogs are cooked in a variety ways. The different cultures use varying cooking methods with the addition of traditional spices to make the meal even tastier. For example, hogs can be prepared and stuffed with a variety of spices before roasting. The meat tastes great; it feels crunchy with some crackling when eaten. During the roasting, the spices are absorbed by the meat; it usually doesn’t last very long in large parties because of the wonderful taste.

In the UK hogs are roasted by using spits. Hogs are also cooked in large ovens outdoors. Depending on the tradition, cooking lasts for about 5 to 8 hours at about 150 degrees. Once cooked, the meat is tender and ready to be eaten. Guests at the event can cut off slices from the roast to satisfy their appetite.

Some of the spices and ingredients used in the preparation of hogs include coarse black pepper, sea salts, olive oil, garlic, oregano extracts, and in some cases wine or vinegar. The chefs have found many ways to ‘spice’ up the meal by mixing these ingredients to ensure the meat tastes great.

When it is ready, a hog roast can serve as many as 50 guests or more in some cases. Everyone can have enough pork meat to their satisfaction. In some cultures the highlight of this meal is eating meat from the head of the roasted hog, and only the elders are allowed to take slices from the head and when they are satisfied others can have the rest.

At UK outside careering events, a hog roast is served alongside other foods such as bread rolls, , cheese, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, applesauce, and other delicacies. Having a hog roast outdoors is also advantageous as the heat keeps insects and ants away.

There are outdoor catering services that also handle hog roast contracts for events. Overall, the entire process should be done in a hygienic environment and with care while using the propane gas. In a few hours, the golden coloured pork meat will be ready, and every guest can approach with their mouth watering.